What Our Clients Say

We work in teams so that clients can access knowledge of their accounts.

Low turnover, strong education, and a cohesive team provide a reliable, enthusiastic approach to meeting client needs in a timely manner. Don’t take our word for it; take a moment to review what our clients say.

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“Mitchell Wiggins is a company that you can reach, that’s number one. They provide good and professional service to us, and on top of that they’re reasonable. Their costs are reasonable, and I think that’s very important for small businesses like us.”

-Sam Attalla, Commonwealth Anesthesia Associates

“I used a partner at Mitchell Wiggins for my wife’s estate. Of course the partner was outstanding, but for the estate settlement experience I just went through, the manager was extraordinary!”

-Central Virginia Attorney

“As a client of Mitchell Wiggins, we recognize one of the most valued parts of the relationship is the continuity of staff on our audit and tax engagements and also the depth of experience your team provides.”

-Manufacturing client, Richmond, VA

“We have been a client of Mitchell Wiggins for many, many years. That relationship has endured because of their commitment to excellence which includes: responsiveness, outstanding service, and an interest in our organization to ensure we are providing the highest degree of accountability to our membership.”

-Nonprofit client, Richmond, VA
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“Mitchell Wiggins has been with us through a significant period of growth for our company and has assisted us every step of the way. The relationship dates back over 50 years, with various partners and staff.”

-Jeffrey Lynch, Director of Finance, Chewning & Wilmer, Inc., Richmond, VA

Mitchell Wiggins has been with us through a significant period of growth for our company and has assisted us every step of the way. The relationship dates back over 50 years, with various partners and staff. No matter who is involved in our engagements, they have always been professional, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile for us.

David specializes in the construction industry and the experience shows. He has a comprehensive understanding of issues related to the construction industry and has assisted Chewning and Wilmer chart a course forward of steady, responsible growth. He was instrumental in the transition from a majority owner structure to a more decentralized ownership structure, allowing us to maintain our capital and bonding relationships. He also handles our corporate tax returns as well as the personal returns of several of our owners, providing proactive tax planning advice.

-Jeffrey Lynch, Director of Finance, Chewning & Wilmer, Inc., Richmond, VA

“Thanks for the rapid delivery and the ratios. Outstanding work and results.”

-President of a local HVAC contractor, Richmond, VA
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“Mitchell Wiggins provides a fully audited GAAP statement for each of our corporation which utilize LIFO accounting, an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, 401(k) plan, cost segregation studies, and a holding company consolidated statement, etc.”

-Carter Myers III, Carter Myers Automotive

“We consider [Mitchell Wiggins] our resource for understanding regulation compliance and have confidence that they have the expertise to guide our practice.”

-Healthcare Client

“I know the business valuation experts at Mitchell Wiggins well … Business Valuation is a specialized expertise so I recommend Mitchell Wiggins as reliable and knowledgeable.”


-Regional CPA Firm

“For our initial plan audit, we were steered toward Mitchell Wiggins by two highly recommended referral sources and we were not disappointed.”

-Controller, EBP Client

“Mitchell Wiggins has always provided accurate and reliable accounting guidance. Our audit team has helped educate our Board regarding complicated issues such as grant and contribution recognition and fair value measurement of our investment portfolio.”

-Nonprofit client, Richmond, VA

“The Mitchell Wiggins partner and manager were very experienced and the hourly rates quite reasonable. More importantly, the team is efficient and does not run up unnecessary time.”

-Richmond Attorney

“… No matter who is involved in our engagements, they have always been professional, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile for us …”

-Director of Finance, Construction Contractor
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“It has now been over a year since the sale of TransAuthority to Rush Enterprises. Working with you and Mitchell Wiggins was truly a pleasure. The accounting and tax team made year end work just as easy as it gets.”

-Mark E. Igou, TransAuthority

“I truly think of them as an important member of our bank team.”

-Financial Industry Client

“Your team did a great job of handling questions from one of our largest donors in a very professional manner. Donor relations are of the utmost important to the Foundation, so I thank you for being sensitive to that.”

-Nonprofit client, Richmond, VA

“We believe the reviews to be thorough and fair, with credible suggestions and compliments with each review.”

-Hottel and Willis
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“We can rely on what they produce. Our board of directors relies on it, our family council relies on it, our staff relies on it. From that standpoint, we’re very fortunate to have such astute people to our accounting.”

-Joe Kelleher, Kelleher HVAC

“They have made it a priority to understand our business and have valuable expertise related to manufacturing companies like ours with an international footprint.”

-Controller, Manufacturing Client
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“The relationship we’ve got with Mitchell Wiggins is a partnership in the truest sense of the word.”

-Mark Smith, Midas of Richmond

“The accounting and tax team made year-end work just as easy as it gets.”

-CPA, Dealership

“Mitchell Wiggins is responsive and understands the dynamics of our practice. They explain, educate, and inform us in regard to our accounts and financial reports. We trust Mitchell Wiggins.”

-Healthcare Client

“Mitchell Wiggins made switching accounting firms easy and effortless.”

-Nonprofit client, Richmond, VA

“The reviews … go beyond pure compliance with program standards, to include value added discussion and sharing of ideas during the review, at the exit conference, and during the intervening years between reviews.”

-McPhillips, Roberts & Dean PLC
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“I can tell you that whenever we call, the phone call is returned. Whenever a question is asked, the question is answered.  Whenever we have any concern or any thoughts, I can pick up the phone, even outside of the audit cycle, and get a quick, good answer.”

-Tom Gallagher, Better Business Bureau

“The audit team is friendly, courteous and our audits are performed efficiently with little disruption to our daily routines. They communicate with our outsourced service providers directly to make sure all deadlines are met.”

-Treasurer, EBP Client

“Having a good understanding of the accounting and financial issues facing automobile dealerships is an asset that Mitchell Wiggins has acquired through many years of experience.”

-Executive Chairman, Dealership

“Our audit team is always willing and ready to offer timely advice and recommendations that our staff and company need in these changing times.”

-Controller, Manufacturing Client

“We were not looking forward to making the switch from accounting firms, but we could not be happier with the professionalism of your group.”

-Nonprofit client, Richmond, VA

“Your team has an excellent understanding of bank regulations and compliance issues that aided us in meeting our risk and compliance program objectives.”

-Financial Industry Client

“Every tax attorney in the area knows about the Mitchell Wiggins Business Valuation team. We have trusted the firm with our clients for years and we look forward to a longstanding future relationship.”

-Richmond Tax Attorney

“Mitchell Wiggins provides knowledge, assessment, and global information about our business and competition. The Mitchell Wiggins team is readily available and acts as our partner.”

-Mitchell Wiggins Client

“You had a high hill to climb but Mitchell Wiggins achieved that and more.”

-Nonprofit client, Richmond, VA