Business Owner

Mitchell Wiggins specializes in working with individually-owned and owner-operated businesses.

Offering relevant seminars and participating in business ownership associations, and national family office affiliations, Mitchell Wiggins prepares your business for current market challenges and growth over time.

As a business owner, you must manage and protect your assets along with the assets of the business. There is a wide variety of financial and tax information that you must be aware of, and it changes rapidly.

Our unique team approach allows you to benefit from industry specific information and accessible work teams. Each team is informed of detailed information so you can easily access professionals familiar with your specific structure, procedures and goals.


Cohesive teams provide a seamless product with everything your business needs to know, from business valuations to estate and trust planning to tax and financial advisory services.

Because staff turnover at Mitchell Wiggins has consistently been significantly lower than the industry averages, our newer staff members benefit from exposure to the experience of personnel and ongoing client relationships. This ongoing learning environment allows your organization to benefit from a cohesive mentored team led by seasoned professionals.

Our firm offers a full range of accounting services for you and your business.