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Planning for Special Needs Children

It’s been said that the best inheritance we can give our children is a few minutes of our time every…

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Four Reasons Millennials Need an Estate Strategy

You’re young, have little in savings and likely have no one yet relying on you financially. So why do you…

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First Quarter Industry Newsletters

Quarterly collection of current topics, news alerts and industry updates. Auto Dealerships Newsletter – March 6, 2018 Business Valuation Newsletter…

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Do You Have Will Power?

Only about 34% of adults in America  have a will, which may not be entirely surprising.1 No one wants to be reminded…

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Retirement Accounts and Your Estate Plan

Successful estate planning generally involves passing on your assets to your heirs at a low tax cost. To help achieve…

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Urgent: Congress Agrees to New Tax Reform Bill

In light of recent legislation passed by the House and Senate, we are providing an update on the new tax…

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What is An Intentionally Defective Trust?

An intentionally defective grantor trust is an irrevocable trust designed to trigger the grantor trust rules, thus allowing the grantor, rather…

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Estate Management Checklist

Effective Estate Planning requires attention to a number of important details. The following checklist will get you started developing an estate…

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A Living Trust Primer

A living trust is one way to ensure your assets are distributed as you planned, after you are gone. While it has advantages over the use of a will — including the fact that it avoids probate — a living trust is not right in every case. Read on to get a better understanding of when a living trust is the right choice and also to learn when the drawbacks of this type of instrument are.

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Prenuptial Agreements as an Estate Planning Tool

Prenuptial agreements are often used by people to protect their assets in the event of a divorce. But they can also be used as an effective estate planning tool for people who are marrying for the second or third time. If you (or your spouse-to-be) has children from previous marriages, and valuable assets you want to keep in the family, a prenup might be beneficial. This article explains how.