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Retiring Soon? Maximize the Value for Your Practice

The pool of potential buyers for medical practices is shrinking, so when planning for retirement, you need to be careful arranging…

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Investigate Operations Before Signing an Employment Contract

Due diligence involves more than straight finances. You also have to examine the operations of any medical practice you might consider…

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Take Off the Gloves When Handling Partnership Disputes

Unfortunately, many physician partnerships compare more to a boxing match than, well, a partnership. When partners can’t get along —…

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Recent Incidents Fuel Concerns over Breach Response

Could your data be hacked? Unfortunately, every organization — including for-profit businesses, not-for-profits and government agencies — is vulnerable to cyberattacks…

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Partner Retirement Payments with Better Tax Results

Payments made by a medical practice to buy out a retiring partner’s entire ownership interest are generally subject to self-employment tax….

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Handling Practice Startup Expenses For Tax Purposes

If you are starting a new medical practice, you may incur several different types of “pre-opening expenses.” By pre-opening expenses, we…

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Watch Out for Potential Tax Bill When Converting Corporation

Your medical practice, currently running as a C or S corporation, may be considering the idea of converting to a…

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Rating Patient Satisfaction

When patients visit your office, they obviously come to see you, not your staff. But it’s your employees that make the first and last impression on patients. Studies show that patient satisfaction is declining and it often has nothing to do with the physician. Here are two ways to find out if your staff is treating patients with care.

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The Importance of Medical Practice Policy Manuals

Does your medical practice have a written, updated policy manual or employee handbook? If not, you could be inviting trouble. While it may seem comfortable to operate by verbally passing on established practices to new employees, that method lends itself to misunderstanding. Find out how a written policy manual can protect both your practice and your staff.

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Tax-Favored Retirement Plans For Partnerships

The type of retirement plans set up and maintained by a medical practice partnership has major implications for the future security of partners and employees. So you want to choose the best option. However, qualified partnership plans have special tax considerations. Here are the details.