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The IRS released official guidance today that taxpayers can delay making their income tax and estimated tax payments, which would…

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Accounting for indirect job costs the right way

Construction contractors, professional service firms, specialty manufacturers and other companies that work on large projects often struggle with job costing….

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What are the responsibilities of an audit committee?

Before you jump headfirst into the year-end financial reporting process, review the role independent audit committees play in providing investors…

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Risk assessment: A critical part of the audit process

Audit season is right around the corner for calendar-year entities. Here’s what your auditor is doing behind the scenes to…

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Benchmarking financial performance

You already may have reviewed a preliminary draft of your company’s year-end financial statements. But without a frame of reference,…

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Reasons why cash is king

In financial reporting, investors and business owners tend to focus on four key metrics: 1) revenue, 2) net income, 3)…

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Internal audit 2.0: Paperless and continuous auditing trends

Technology is altering the traditional approach to internal audits. Instead of reviewing reams of paperwork, today’s auditor is learning to…

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Management letters: Have you implemented any changes?

Audited financial statements come with a special bonus: a “management letter” that recommends ways to improve your business. That’s free…

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Third Quarter Industry Newsletters

Quarterly collection of current topics, news alerts and industry updates.   Auto Dealerships Newsletter – September 26, 2019 Business Valuation…

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Year-End Strategies to Reduce AGI

Reducing your current-year adjusted gross income (AGI) is usually a tax-smart idea. Here are ten ways to reduce your AGI…