Client Portal

Mitchell Wiggins places a high value on the security of your important documents. We are happy to offer our clients a personalized online portal to house their secure documents and make them easily accessible around the clock.

NEED HELP? Scroll through the steps below.


    Step 1

    • Login using the temporary password sent to you via email. The email subject line will be “Portal Credentials.”
    • After your initial login you will be prompted to change your password to something meaningful to you. 
    • Your username will remain your email address. A sample is provided to the right:
  • Step 2

    To upload a file, select the “From Client” Folder and then the upload icon.  A sample is provided to the right.

  • Step 3

    At this time, select the file(s) you wish to upload to the firm.  A sample is provided to the right.

  • Step 4

    Upload the Files to the Portal by selecting the green icon:   A sample is provided to the right.

  • Step 5

    File Upload Complete: A sample is provided to the right.  Please be patient as larger files may take a few minutes to upload to the system.

  • Step 6

    Download a File: Select the folder where the file* is housed.   Then select the file.  Then select the download icon.  Sample image provided to the right.

    (*To select more than one file, you must select the shift button when selecting the files.)