Presented by, Joseph D. Thornton, CPA, Director of Valuation Services, Mitchell, Wiggins & Company

Central Virginia Employee Benefits Council Spring Educational Seminar Session Description: Business valuations are a key component of the succession planning equation, regardless of the path to succession. Joe will review considerations and planning necessary for a productive business valuation process and offer examples of pitfalls and consequences of improper planning. Buy-Sell Agreement and Shareholder Agreement features are important foundational elements which must be implemented properly when valuing a business. Valuation discount methods can offer dramatic results, depending upon contract language. Pending legislation and IRS regulations also impact valuing businesses in the coordination of estate and gift taxes. Family owned businesses require particular attention in the planning and execution of business valuations and succession planning. Joe will offer case studies to demonstrate the consequences and possible benefits of a properly planned business valuation process. To learn more about the event, visit