Individual Services

Minimizing taxes is an achievable goal, but without the proper planning, it is merely a wish. In today’s climate of ever changing rates and rules, planning ahead and utilizing all available tax strategies is more important than ever. To meet such a goal, our professionals understand the importance of knowing and listening to our clients.

There are many considerations to tax planning, here are but a few:

  • Timing of income and expense recognition for tax purposes
  • Coordinating business and personal income streams
  • Understanding the effect of passive and active investments
  • Forecasting both the short-term and long-term consequences of current decisions

Estate planning

Estate planning encompasses more than the transference of one’s wealth to another. It’s about maximizing asset retention and minimizing the tax consequences. Whether you have built a successful business or achieved financial success through other means, it is important to protect your assets now and in the future by implementing a gift and estate plan tailored to your needs and goals. At Mitchell Wiggins, our Estates and Trust team will help you attain these goals and protect your assets.

Our team is available to assist with the administration of estates and trusts by helping you:

  • Review current estate documents
  • Develop a comprehensive estate and succession plan
  • Take advantage of current estate and gift tax exclusions
  • Integrate charitable goals into your estate plan
  • Prepare probate filings, such as inventories and accountings, the funding of trusts, and the preparation of Estate and Fiduciary tax returns.
  • Determine valuation of existing businesses
  • Plan for business succession