We wanted to remind you that estimated taxes are due on or before September 15, 2021.

If we prepared and included pre-addressed envelopes and vouchers with the amounts due in your tax return packet, please be sure to use those when mailing in your estimates (although we do strongly recommend paying these electronically – see below for instructions). Please also be sure to write the correct Quarter, Year and your Social Security Number or EIN in the memo line so the estimate gets applied to the proper year.

If we prepared your return electronically and submitted your paperwork to you via the Mitchell Wiggins portal, please login to the portal to access your vouchers. Your payment vouchers can be found in the Tax Return folder and are titled 2020-12-31 1040 Voucher(s) for Individuals and 2020-xx-xxxx Voucher(s) for businesses and/or trusts.

Again, you have the option to pay electronically (without creating an account) using IRS DirectPay for Federal estimated tax payments and Virginia Tax for the Commonwealth of Virginia. During the past year, the United States Postal Service has been very unreliable and we strongly encourage clients to start utilizing electronic means for payment to eliminate delivery issues. Also, starting after July 1, 2021, Virginia will require any estimates in excess of $2,500 to be made electronically. To facilitate making payments faster and easier, you have the option to create online accounts with the IRS through EFTPS and with the Virginia Department of Taxation through their website.

If you are mailing in a payment, please refer to the instructions provided with your return or saved to the portal for the correct mailing address(es).

As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have.